I invite you to take a part in my new art project! 👉 Go to Link

My name is Rufina Muraviova, I'm an artist, now I live and work in France,

I am also a Development Director of Direct Art Action Gallery in North Birmingham, UK.

Now I'm working on a new art project and invite everyone to take a part.

I will ask you for just one picture.

Contact me at rufinamuraviova@gmail.com

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I invite you to take part a in my new art project!

Women Place in Society, 2016-2017, UK.


© 2020 by Rufina Muraviova.

© 2020 by Rufina Muraviova.

Troubleshooting Agency, 2012

The Troubleshooting Agency is the brainchild of curator Maayan Sheleff. Sheleff invited five video artists interested in experimental dialogues to take part in this pilot project: Yochai Avrahami, Yael Brandt, Shay-Lee Uziel, Rufina Muraviova Lin, and Liraz Pank. The pilot will take place in Holon’s Jessy Cohen Neighborhood, as part of the ongoing activity of theThe Israeli Center for Digital Art there.

Group "Gafrur". Street Graffiti Sculpture. Project 2010

Photography Project "Woman Position", 2005-2010

© 2020 by Rufina Muraviova.

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