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 RufinaMuraviova | FineArt | Marketing | France | UK | Israel | Russia hebrew english russian  digital 






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 RufinaMuraviova | FineArt | Digital Marketing | France | UK | Israel | Russia | Art Gallery | Artist | Birmingham | Exhibition | Submit | Artist Call | Art UK | Artist England | West Midlands | Sutton Coldfield | Museum | Artforselll

Rufina Muraviova

Contemporary artist, graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts and Design, Tel Aviv, Israel.

I hold the highest ethical, intellectual and professional standards in all my actions

Director and curator of the art  Galerie Fabuliste a Rostrenen, in Rostrenin, France.

     Information on my artistic approach & an overview of my work

The basic point of my personal research is based on my life, migration, place of women in modern society, seeking a new balanced dialogue between men and women.

In my works I show society through the eyes of a migrant woman, "your place - my place", "inside - outside", "private - public", I study the law and learn about all global changes. I am actively involved in the life of the society surrounding me.

The main tool in my work is the camera - video or photo. And so are the objects that I find in the right dialogue with the purpose and place of the exhibition. My work is most often accompanied by art installations.

I build my exhibitions on the direct contact of the dialogue between my works and the actual space.

In recent years, for about seven years now, changes in my personal life, as well as events at the global level, have greatly influenced my work.

However, even now I see that the issues that have worried me throughout my entire career remain relevant to me even now and I am faced with the same social "difficulties" and I see and feel the need to raise these topics again and again in order to provoke viewers to dialogue. .

Relationships in the family, respect for the "other" and to the “different”, street harassment, education and relationships.


Photography, Video Art, Sound Installation, Texts, Installation.


2004-2008 Institute of Fine Art and Design Avni in Tel Aviv, Israel.


1998 Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Saint Petersburg,Russia


1997 L'Alliance Française, Saint Petersburg,Russia.  


1994 Secondary school by institute of Theology and Philosophy, Saint Petersburg,Russia


Exhibitions and Art Activities

2024  Corps et âme. Exposition à la médiathèque de Rostrenen, 20 janvier - 17 février

2022- currently - Managing art gallery Galerie Fabuliste in Rostrenen, France.


2023 - "Nothing good will come of this", Galeria Wschodnia, Lodz, International Project

2022 - "Nothing good will come of this", Pyramida, Haifa, International Project

2022 - An MA student Institute of Fine Arts from Birmingham, UK interviewed me and used it in her thesis, exhibited at the Birmingham Institute of Fine Arts in August 2022.

2021 - 2022 - Projects at Savoir-Faire Art Centre, Mael Carhaix, France

2020-2021 - Online support for artists during lockdowns in the UK and France

2020 -2023 - Director International Affairs/ International Coordinator & Development Director at Savoir-Faire Art Centre, France

2018 - "Tel Aviv at Night ", Photography Installation, Direct Art Action, UK.


2016 - 2023 - Independent Development Director of Direct Art Action Gallery, England.

2015 - Currently,  Building a project based on research of violence against women, domestic violence, a woman's place in world society and in the public.


2015 “A matter of attitude” film is a selected work of art research of Doctor Tal Dekel “Transnational Identities: Women, Art and Contemporary Israel.” Wayne State University Press, US.

2013 “A matter of attitude” film is a selected work of art research of Doctor Tal Dekel , ”Women and migration: Art and gender in a Transnational age”, Israel.

2010-2012 “A matter of attitude” 
The film has been presented at different television channels and has been discussing on different forums and lectures in Israel.


2012 "The Troubleshooting Agency" is the brainchild of curator Maayan Sheleff.

2012 "Evidence" Single exhibition. Sapir Academic College, Israel.

2011  “Lab Report “ Group exhibition, Shafdan, Israel.

2010 "Once upon a time with a moon sonnet, a landscape and an electric bus", Video Art Work, has been displayed in The Center for Contemporary Art, Kalisher, Tel Aviv, Israel and "Fresh Paint", Contemporary Art Fair, Israel.

2010 "Gafrur", Sculpture Graffiti Project.
2008 "Alcohol" Group Exhibitions "New gallery", Bat Yam,Israel
2006 "Repatriates in Art" Group Exhibitions "New gallery",Bat Yam,Israel.

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