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Contemporary Fine Artist, BA.

Art and social media consultant.

Art curator.

Director at Direct Art Action UK, Gallery and Art Centre, Birmingham, UK.

C.E.O and co-owner Savoir-Faire Art Centre, France.

Direct Art Action UK

Gallery and Art Centre, Birmingham, UK.

Submit your artwork.
Window spaces are available.

Savoir-Faire Art Centre

New Art Centre in BrittanyFrance

Fine Art | RufinaMuraviova | UK | France

Contact Us

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Support our Artists and also local, national and international Art by donating to our artist organisation and website costs,

help us keep and create culture.

All our projects are an independent initiative by me and my partner. Our activities can be supported through a one-time or monthly donation for your convenience. Any amount is welcome!

France, Caen, 14000

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2020 by Rufina Muraviova.

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