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Savoir Faire Art Centre

This new art center is opening in Maël-Carhaix, a village of 1,500 inhabitants, in the heart of Brittany.

It will be a place of sharing and international exchange for artists, teachers, students and the public. Our goal is to create, teach, and make all forms of art available to all audiences. All disciplines will be represented, without any theoretical preconceptions. The new center will offer workshops, classrooms, galleries, exhibition halls, accommodation and social spaces, including a café-library, an outdoor stage, a shop and possibly an organic restaurant. It will be possible to follow workshops in painting, sculpture, plastic arts, pottery and glass and leather work, audiovisual arts: music, films, photography.
The center will regularly organize exhibitions and seminars. It will be open to individual visitors, groups (schools, Fine Arts students, disabled people, retirees, coach operators, etc.) from France or abroad to make Art accessible to all, in an inclusive and democratic manner.

With a warm support of local residents,

local town council and authorities,

we are looking forward to open our first event as soon as possible.

Call for artists

Submit your artwork / project to our New Art Center in Center of Brittany, France


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An Art Centre, an art school, a gallery, studios, artist residences in Maël-Carhaix, Brittany, France

Since 07.2020

We intend to build a working art retreat for our clients from the UK and across Europe, we shall organise monthly exhibitions for professionals and beginners. Among our plans are the installation of a saddlery, ceramics and glass workshops, sculpture and installation practice.

We will arrange craft markets, classes for children and adults, workshops, art performances and other community events. Also we are going to connect with local art/music festivals in Maël-Carhaix, and festivals in France and all possible festivals and events all over the world.

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