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Art Management

My Sundays are 💯working Sundays. 😃

✔I manage two big Art Centres in the #UK and #France, our audience is English speaking but also French, Russian, Polish, Hebrew, German, Arabic and more...

Well, I don't know all those languages.

But I could probably post on at least 4 languages.

But more questions are coming.

✔Too long posts are they attractive?

✔What language to chose as a first one?

✔Use the same order of languages in each post?

✔And more and more but all posts are limited as we know.

✔Also, how many times should I spend on thinking about it 😂

❤Good Sunday for everyone!

🎨I am a Contemporary Fine Artist, BA.

Art and social media consultant.

Art curator. 👉🎨

Director at Direct Art Action UK, Gallery, Birmingham, UK.

C.E.O and co-owner Savoir-Faire Art Centre, France


💯🌹Looking for new followers that will help us to build NEW ART SOLIDARITY WORLD..


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